Ring Resizing

When you purchase any ring from MDTdesign, you’re covered by a lifetime manufacture warranty that also entitles you to two free resizes within the first year of purchase. Fingers can change in size throughout the year, especially in locations where major temperature fluctuations are experienced. In warmer seasons fingers tend to expand, while during winter and autumn they’re prone to shrinking. In order to find your ideal ring size, an average finger size needs to be established, taking into account how much your finger has changed throughout the year. Ring resizing can then be provided to ensure a perfect fit.

The Ring Resizing Process

Ring resizing is a process that involves metal either added to or cut out of the ring in order to increase or reduce its size. MDTdesign rings are all made onsite, enabling us to do all ring resizing at our Melbourne store (conveniently located at 166 Swanston Street).

How Long Does Resizing a Ring Take?

Our skilled jewellers are experienced in resizing rings, and working onsite means we can have your ring back to you in a short time. Normally ring resizing can be completed in 48 hours, but it may take longer depending on factors such as the style of your ring, the material it is made out of, and the number of sizes it has to change.

Contact Us to Arrange a Ring Resizing

Don’t put up with an ill-fitting ring – contact MDTdesign today on (03) 9654 6805 or send us an email with your ring resizing enquiry. Our friendly team will get back to you promptly.

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