Jewellery Repairs in Melbourne

MDTdesign is renowned for hand making all of our pieces of jewellery here at our on-site workshop on Collins Street Melbourne, making jewellery repairs easy for both us and our valued customers. We’re able to provide a vast array of jewellery repair services, including re-tipping claws, re-shanking bands on rings, re-setting diamonds, and much more. We understand that you hate being without your beautiful Engagement ring, wedding band or piece of precious jewellery, so we make it a priority to offer a quick rig repair service turnaround to make sure you get your jewellery back as soon as possible.

Jewellery Repairs for Non-MDTdesign Pieces

Do you have a piece of jewellery that needs repair but it’s not an original MDTdesign piece? No problem! We’re happy to provide jewellery repairs in Melbourne for non-MDTdesign pieces, but we must first inspect the item being repaired to ensure we can safely work with the existing piece without damaging it. We will not take a jewellery repair on if we believe there is a high risk of causing damage to diamonds, sapphires or gemstones, stone settings or the bands. We always take the utmost care when working with any jewellery repair as we understand how much meaning your jewellery holds. However, we will not take responsibility for a repair on a piece not purchased from us, as the quality of another jeweller’s work may not be of a high standard, potentially leading to problems when working with the jewellery. This is all explained in detail before we agree to work with the piece of jewellery. Issues such as diamonds possibly becoming loose if not set properly or solder joins splitting if not soldered with the correct solder when first being made are both things we need to take into consideration.

Quoting on Jewellery Repairs

As each piece of jewellery is unique, in order for us to correctly quote on how much a jewellery repair will cost we will need to see the piece in person. This allows us then to check exactly what is wrong with the piece and determine the cause to limit it happening again in the near future. We also need to check the structure of the settings and make sure that while we are conducting the repair that other component will not be put at risk. We do not want to open your piece of jewellery up to risks later down the track as a result of the repair so we need to take extreme care.

Book Your Jewellery Repair in Melbourne Today

MDTdesign pieces are all handmade by our jewellers only, so we know the processes involved in producing and repairing high-quality jewellery, minimising the risk of damage. If you want to book your jewellery in for repair in Melbourne, give us a call on (03) 9654 6805, contact us online, or pop into our Collins Street jewellery store.

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