At MDTdesign, our diamonds are hand selected by our in-store qualified diamond graders and are guaranteed 100% conflict free. By making sure our diamonds have come through the correct channels and sources such as the Kimberly Process, you can be sure the diamonds you have purchased have not played a part in funding wars around the world. MDTdesign is a proud member of the Diamond Guild of Australia, also known as the DGA.

MDTdesign stock Australia’s largest range of Australian argyle pink diamonds, argyle white diamonds and Ellendale yellow diamonds. These diamond mines are located in Western Australia so you can be sure they are conflict free.

What is the Kimberly Process?

The Kimberly Process is a set of strict rules and guidelines documented for the import and export of uncut diamonds. It ensures that every shipment of diamonds that crosses each and every international border must be certified, numbered and sealed in tamper-resistant containers. When these diamonds are shipped, the containers are accompanied by government validation certificates in order to verify the diamonds have been purchased from sources not involved in the funding of conflict.