Rhodium Plating White Gold

All 18ct white gold around the world is plated with a solution called rhodium. The raw colour of 18ct white in naturally a grey colour. This is as all pure 24ct gold is a rich yellow colour and in order to turn this yellow colour to white, other alloys need to be added to tint and change the colour tone. A poor quality white gold often looks like a light yellow colour and once the rhodium plating wears off this is the true colour that will show through. The high quality palladium-based 18ct white gold that MDTdesign uses is naturally grey in colour, not yellow.

When white gold is plated with rhodium, it becomes a brighter, whiter colour, and the finished product looks very similar to platinum.

Due to knocks, hits and scratched rhodium plating does wear over time and people notice that their rhodium plated rings start to show a slightly grey/yellow shade after about 6 to 12 months. When this happens its time for re-plating you ring. You can simply bring your ring into our store and we will assess and re-rhodium plate your jewellery piece.

Rhodium Plating MDTdesign Jewellery

While other companies will charge around $120 for each time a piece is rhodium plated – which can add up over the years – all MDTdesign rhodium plated jewellery is backed by a lifetime service included as part of the ongoing support we provide to our customers. As our workshop is located onsite, we can guarantee a quick turnaround time on all 18ct white gold rhodium plated rings, pendants and earrings. In most cases, we offer a same-day service.

Rhodium Plating of Non-MDTdesign Jewellery

Our workshop is located onsite behind our Collins Street jewellery boutique meaning we can guarantee a quick turnaround time on all 18ct white gold rhodium plated jewellery. In many cases if your piece is dropped off on the morning, we can have it back to you the very same afternoon looking as good as it was the day you bought it. This process would include cleaning, polishing, checking all stones and settings then rhodium platinum the piece to ensure it is looking amazing once again.

Pricing will depend on the piece you have as the amount of time and the amount of rhodium plating we will need to use will vary from piece to piece.

An Example

The picture on top illustrates the difference in colour between a platinum ring and an 18ct white gold rhodium plated ring. The ring on the left has both the natural colours of platinum (white in colour) and 18ct white gold, which is slightly grey in colour. The ring on the right is in 18ct white gold but has been rhodium plated making it appear to be whiter like the platinum. Both have an emery finish which highlights the colour more than a polished band.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our rhodium plating cost, services, and more.