MDTdesign custom handmakes all of our jewellery in our on-site Collins Street workshop in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. As a result of this, creating a matching wedding band set is never an issue! We are able to take different elements and styles of wedding bands that you are wanting and create a one off set of matching wedding bands that not only suit each other’s hands, but the flair and style of the wearer. Not will you then have a matching wedding band set, but a matching wedding band set that is individual to you and your partner. They are never mass produced and always made to fit your hand perfectly!

Things to consider when designing a Matching Wedding Band set.

  • Which style of metal finish are you wanting on the wedding bands?
  • Which profile would you like the matching wedding bands to be?
  • How wide and thick would you like each of your wedding bands to be?
  • Which metal, 18ct rose gold, 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold or platinum will be used in the matching bands?
  • Are you proffering the wedding bands to have diamonds set? If so what shape, colour, size and style of setting?
  • Will this matching wedding band set work perfectly with the engagement ring if being worn with one?

The more of the dot points above that match, the more likely the wedding rings will be matching in terms of look and will work better together. Just because all the factors above may not match up perfectly on each band, this does not mean the wedding bands will not be matching. Usually wedding bands are also either scaled up or down to suit the wearers finger size and widths.

Hints to create a Matching Wedding Band set with an individual edge.

  • The rings should suit both of the hands they are going to be worn on.
  • Although a band may be generously wider, the bands can still match in areas.
  • The diamonds being used can be different but a single element should remain the same. Example: same diamond shape but a different colour or same diamond colour with a different shaped stone.
  • The same finish may not need to be on each of the bands if the profiles are the same.
  • A matching wedding band set using 2 different colours of metal can allow both wearers to wear a different colour metal for other jewellery and not look odd.
  • One of the Wedding bands can have diamonds as long as the other band has a matching profile and finish.