A lot of diamond are certified which it means the diamond has been graded by an independent diamond grading laboratory and comes with written documentation stating the specifications of the diamond the lab thinks the stone is. Although a lot of diamond we sell come with diamond certifications, not all diamonds are certificate, and depending on the laboratory, the amount of accuracy of that information can vary.

At MDTdesign, we mostly use GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graded diamonds as we believe that they are the most accurate and are world wide recognised. However, no diamonds sold at MDTdesign is purchased by just reading the diamonds certificate. A diamond’s Colour and Clarity are always checked in-store and then compared to the certificate to see if our opinion lines up with the information stated on the certificate. MDTdesign will never purchase for our sock or sell a diamond based on what the certificate states or without inspecting the diamond first; we will always provide our true opinion and reject stones that do not meet our standards. If a diamonds certificate states that a diamond is a particular colour or clarity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fact. Be sure to be educated on the stones you are looking at but above all else, trust who you are buying from and their ability to grade stones. We do not buy certificates; we buy diamonds!

A lot of certified diamonds are laser inscribed. An inscription on a diamond can be found on its girdle and is lasered or burned onto the stone. Laser inscriptions are very small and sometimes are still difficult to view through a 10x magnification loop. In most cases the laser inscription will consist of the name of the laboratory and the certificate number which is a one off number for that particular diamond. The advantages of purchasing a laser inscribed diamond is that it can always be checked to make sure it matches the certificate number and their for easily identifiable.