MDTdesign gives our clients the selection of using 18ct white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, as well as the option of platinum. There is a big difference between 18ct white gold and platinum in terms of the natural colour of the metal, weight and also longevity of the piece. When you are in-store, we can show you the difference between each metal and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

18ct golds are stamped with 750 which is denoting 75% pure gold with the other 25% remaining being made of other alloys to create the colour of the metal as well as add strengths. All our platinum that is used is 95%+ pure platinum therefore stamped with 950. The remaining percentage of the alloy although very minimal, is made up of different metals to make more workable.

The raw colour of the palladium-based white gold that MDTdesign uses is grey, as is all white gold. Fir this very reason all 18ct white gold is plated with a solution called rhodium. When the metal is rhodium plated, it becomes brighter and whiter in colour and the finished product looks very similar to Platinum piece of jewellery. Rhodium plating over time will wear away and you will notice that your ring may be showing a slight shade of grey. If you think this is the case, simply bring your ring into the store and we will repeat the rhodium plating process at no cost as you. All MDTdesign rings come with a lifetime refinishing and rhodium plating service to ensure your ring is always looking its best! Rhodium plating usually last around 8 months to a year and companies charge anywhere up to $140 each time to get this done. As a forever ongoing cost to all your 18ct white gold jewellery can begin to add up.

MDTdesign does not charge our clients for this service on their MDTdesign jewellery so be sure to bring them in every so often to get them looking as good as new once again!