Lifetime & Money-back Warranties

MDTdesign proudly provides a lifetime manufacturers warranty on all our handmade jewellery. What this means is we cover any manufacturing faults for the lifetime of your jewellery. In order to uphold the warranty, we will need to see in your precious piece back in our boutique every 6-12 months so we can clean, polish and refinish your beautiful MDTdesign piece all of which is at no cost to you. If you discover any fault in our handmaking process that affects your jewellery you may return it for repairs. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

We also offer a 14 day money-back guarantee on any item you purchase in our store. Simply have your piece checked by an independent Jeweller’s Association of Australia Registered Valuer and if it does not meet the criteria listed on our valuation, you may return it for a full refund within two weeks of the date of purchase.

You also have the reassurance of knowing that MDTdesign is a member of the Jeweller’s Association of Australia (JAA).

Caring for your precious jewellery

While our warranties and insurance can cover your items in certain circumstances your best guarantee of ensuring your jewellery lasts a lifetime is take proper care of it. These simple tips will help your jewellery last longer and look better.

Although diamonds are the hardest known natural substance, they are not actually indestructible! You may not realise that diamonds, like wood, have a grain running through them. If a diamond receives a heavy knock on the wrong angle, it can chip or break along the grain, leading to it falling out.

Try not to wear your jewellery if you are doing rough work, such as gardening, working out in the gym or even washing dishes. Knocks on the metal or diamonds of your jewellery, particularly metal on metal contact, can dint or bruise the metal or dislodge gems from their settings.

Bleach or chemicals can dull your diamonds or cause the metal in the band or setting to weaken, causing risk of a gem coming loose.

Finally try to store your jewellery in individual bags or cases when not wearing it. If items rub or knock together in a drawer or jewellery case they can damage each other.

MDTdesign offers a lifetime service to its customers on all jewellery purchased here. We want your jewellery to always look its best so we recommend you make it into the store every six months in order for us to do so. Your free ring service includes cleaning, polishing, refinishing and in the case of 18ct white gold, rhodium plating. This is all done at no cost to you for the lifetime of the ring!
In most cases, a service can be performed within a few hours and as all our jewellery is handmade on the premises in our very own workshop, the jewellery will never leave our premises!

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