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Handmade Diamond Engagement Rings

There are many different types of handmade engagement rings available and engagement ring designs do change with current trends but you can never go wrong with a classic design.
Here we look at the difference between designs when it comes to engagement rings and the technical aspect of each. To ensure the best quality, MDTdesign 100% hand makes everything onsite to your exact specifications in our Melbourne workshop. We employ a much more traditional method of manufacturing jewellery and although there is more labour time involved by a higher level jeweller, this gives your rings the best chance to stand the test of time!

Single Stone Solitaire Engagement Rings

A Sapphire or Diamond solitaire refers to one single stone set in a ring or “solitary” stone. It can be any shape of stone including round brilliant cut diamond which is generally the most popular or any of the fancy shaped diamonds such as an Emerald cut, Princess cut, Marquise cut, Asscher cut, Heart shaped, Pear shape, Radiant cut or Cushion cut. Solitaire bands can vary from pinched in to knife edge, split, tapered, flat and the list goes on. The setting of the stone can be claw set, either 4 or 6 and for pear 3 claws, bezel set, half bezel, rub over set, bar set and finally tension set which is our signature modern take on classic engagement rings. At MDTdesign both the type of setting and band style can be changed to whatever preference you have and although sometimes these can make only a small difference, these minor changes are the factors that make your ring perfect for you.

Multi Stone Trilogy Engagement Rings

A multi stone or trilogy engagement ring refers to usually 3 (for trilogy) or 5 diamonds or coloured gemstones in an engagement ring. This also includes one single “solitaire” diamond accompanied with diamonds set shoulders.
A three or five stone ring can be a combination of different shaped stones, from 3 rounds to 3 princess cut or 1 round in the centre with pears on the side. These options are endless! With multi stone rings you can use sapphires in the centre and compliment it with colourless diamonds on the side which will help lift the sapphire and make it stand out.
As for single stone with diamond set bands there are different varieties on setting the stones in the band. To name a few, channel set, claw set, grain set and pave set.

Halo Design Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are normally one single stone in any shape that has one or more rows of diamonds set around it. The original purpose of a halo engagement ring design was to create the illusion of one big diamond in the centre.
The centre stone can be diamond or sapphire and whichever way you go may determine the style and type of stones surrounding it and the diamonds are set.

Coloured Stone Engagement Rings

We carry a large selection of sapphires in different colours and origins. We normally work with Ceylon to Australian origin Sapphires and pink, green and Burmese or Mozambique Rubies. We normally don’t recommend Emeralds for engagement rings as they can be brittle and with everyday use they generally will get knocks and can chip, scratch or damage. In terms of Mohs scale of hardness, diamonds and sapphires are the hardest and although Emeralds are ranked highly, naturally emeralds do have inclusions which at times can make an emerald fragile.
We always recommend using white diamonds either as side diamonds or in a halo to emphasis on the coloured stone and draw more attention to the colour in the centre stone. The contrast will make a coloured stone the focal point for the piece.

Tension Set Engagement Rings

Tension sets are our signature design engagement rings that are classic with modern twist. We hand make them in many different styles which vary from chunky to fine. All of these designs can be changed or modified to suit your taste. You can choose from our wide range of designs or combine few elements and let us create a one of a kind piece. In general a tension set ring refers to the type of setting where strength is created in the metal throughout the hand making process and this is what is to hold the diamond or sapphire in without the need for any claws, bars or metal over the stone. The style makes the sapphire or diamond appear to be floating and this look can only be achieved safely if it has been made by hand by a highly experienced jeweller. MDTdesign produces all tension set rings in Melbourne, 100% handmade onsite and we work the metal to give it the strength and tension it needs to last – nothing is mass produced or designed on computer then mass produced.

Coloured Diamonds Engagement Rings

We stock a large selection of Pink, Champagne and Cognac Australian Argyle diamonds and also Ellendale yellow diamonds which are the most coveted coloured diamonds in the world. Different colours and the intensity and hue of any coloured diamond are what determine its value so prices from one to another can change dramatically. Similar to coloured gemstones, coloured diamonds do need side white diamonds to enhance the beauty and colour and makes for a more eye catching piece of jewellery.

Multi Stone Rings

Whether they come with a cluster of diamonds or a row of them along the band, multi stone rings are a beautiful way to show off your style. These engagement rings can combine diamonds of different colours or even different stones to create a uniquely personal look.

Sapphire Rings

For those seeking a modern and different style for their engagement ring, consider a sapphire ring. A well-cut sapphire shows off stunning colour that is sure to garner the right kind of attention. Discover our pink, yellow and blue sapphires today.

Solitaire Rings

It’s hard to go past solitaire engagement rings when it comes to elegance. These single stone rings are a classic that can suit all types of women. Whether you’re going for a vintage or modern look, solitaire settings are a perfect choice.

Pink Diamond Rings

Pink diamond engagement rings are a rarity and will ensure you stand out among the crowd. Often smaller in size than white diamonds, these look beautiful on their own or as a complement to a white diamond.

Tension Set Rings

Tension settings give the diamond the illusion of floating without support, creating a truly modern engagement ring. Diamonds in tension settings also sparkle brilliantly.

Yellow Diamond Rings

A yellow diamond in your ring hints at glamour and romance. These rings are sophisticated and fashionable while also being able to stand the test of time.

For more information about any of the above engagement ring types, contact MDTdesign today on (03) 9654 6805.

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