Ladies Wedding Rings

Ladies Gold & White Gold Wedding Rings Made in Melbourne

In our Melbourne based store, we can offer you a stunning range of ladies wedding rings, including traditional wedding rings in yellow or white gold, modern knife edge wedding bands, channel set wedding bands and diamond wedding bands.

Talk to our team of expert designers and jewellers at MDTdesign about what you want in a wedding ring and let us bring it to life for you. Whichever design you choose, all our wedding rings and wedding ring bands will be handmade to the highest standard so you can wear it joyfully for life and our main priority being that you choose a wedding band that is perfectly suited alone as well as when worn as a set with your engagement ring.

We back all our work with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, Lifetime complimentary cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating as well as two free resizes in the first year to be sure it is fitting you perfectly, so you have complete peace of mind.

Claw Set Wedding Rings

A popular choice for wedding bands are a claw setting style. This style keeps the focus on the diamond that are set and doesn’t highlight the metal as much in this case. A claw set wedding band is a good choice for those who want to keep their wedding band fine but still want a good luster amount of luster. You can customise you ring by adding more or less diamonds as well as changing the size of these stones to suit you best. A perfect way to show off you diamonds in a slim, elegant design.

Channel Set Wedding Rings

Channel set diamond wedding bands are a great classic design that involves setting a row of diamonds in between 2 rows of metal. A channel is calved into the metal where the stones are then placed and metal worked down on top of the diamonds to hold them in. This style of ring works well with most engagement rings they will be sitting next to and can also look fantastic even if going to be worn on its own.

Grain set Diamond Wedding Rings

A diamond grain wet wedding band is a good option for those who want to add an art-deco feel to their set. Having the diamonds in-beaded in yellow or rose gold will tend to make the also a feature in a wedding ting of this nature where as if the ring is in platinum or white gold, the diamond will tend to blend in a little more with the white metal.

Gold Wedding Ring Bands

When all you want is the eternal beauty of gold, simply ask. We have a vast collection of simple 18ct yellow, white and rose gold plain wedding bands in store as well as platinum. Although the most common profile of a wedding ring is half round, we have also flat bands and knife edge bands to show you so you make sure you are choosing the perfect ring that suits you as well as your engagement ring. Our diamond wedding bands are genuinely bespoke and can be styled to match your tastes.

Pave Set Wedding Ring Bands

For something truly unique, you should take a closer look at our pave set wedding bands. This clever design hides the settings for the diamonds, so the ring looks paved with diamonds in one continuous row of dazzling brilliance. It is one of the most innovative diamond wedding bands we have on offer.

Our white gold, half round, pave set diamond band features 3 rows of tightly packed diamonds that sparkle in one continuous band. Or for something you will truly adore, you can choose a white gold ring half set with 5 rows of brilliant cut, pave set diamonds. It is truly dazzling.

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