Tension Set Rings

A diamond that seems to defy gravity and float in the air.This is the incredible beauty of a tension set ring.

Held in place only by the tension of the metal in the ring, tension set diamond rings make possible a whole new range of stunning contemporary designs you will have to see to believe.

Only master jewellers like the team at MDTdesign have the skill to make these tension set designs possible.

Come and see our extensive selection of tension set engagement rings and floating diamond wedding bands which we can create in any style to suit your tastes. You will be amazed what is possible.

Why Choose Tension Rings?

Tension set rings feature some of the striking and modern designs available today. Tension setting enables light to enter your diamond from all angles, allowing all the natural brilliance and sparkle of your diamond to shine like never before. You simply won’t believe it, till you see it.

Setting the diamond this way means we can create for you stunning new ring designs that have a much more modern and contemporary look.

Trust MDTdesign for tension set rings

Only jewellers of exceptional skill can create the exquisite and beautiful designs possible with tension-set designs. Call us on (03) 9654 6805 or enquire online today to make an appointment to view our range in-store. You’ll discover how we could craft for you a ring of such rare and singular beauty everyone will be envious.

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