Treated Blue Diamonds

Treated Blue Diamond Rings

It is extremely rare to encounter naturally occurring blue diamonds. Australia’s Argyle mine, located in the East Kimberley region, is responsible for most of the world’s supply – but unfortunately, these natural gems have a price tag that reflects their rarity.

Our treated blue diamond engagement rings offer a more affordable alternative that matches the naturally occurring fancy stones for vibrancy, beauty and richness of colour. Set in beautiful 18ct white gold, our rings combine the timeless appeal of diamonds with a distinctive burst of colour. They’re also available in a range of elegant designs, ranging from the bold and the modern to some more traditional looks.

Find Your Perfect Blue Diamond Ring in Melbourne

The master jewellery makers at MDTdesign can help you choose the right blue diamond white gold ring for you. As an expert on blue diamonds in Australia, we will go through the full range of shapes, cuts and clarity levels with you so you can make an informed decision. And because we hand-make each blue diamond white gold engagement ring at our Melbourne workshop, we can make modifications to ensure you’re getting the ring you’ve always dreamt of.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email or online enquiry form. You can also make an appointment with us to discuss your options with one of our expert jewellery makers.

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