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Proud Melbourne Designer of Men’s Wedding Rings

With so much focus on the bride, it’s easy for the groom to be forgotten. At MDTdesign we believe men’s wedding rings deserve the same level of design and construction quality as any other, and that the ring should be distinctive and suit the kind of man you are. We will help you design a piece that is in tune with your lifestyle and personality and handmake it with such quality you will be glad to wear it every day.

Men’s Wedding Bands to Suit Any Style

From modest designs to more abstract men’s rings, MDTdesign can cater to any man’s taste and craft stylish wedding bands for men like you, who will proudly wear their ring all day, every day. From sleek tension sets to artful Mokume Gane rings, we can produce something for everyone.

Simple Wedding Bands

Simple? Yes. Stylish? Of course! Whether plain or detailed with grooves and two tones, our jewellery is durable, comfortable, elegant and understated. Isn’t that everything men’s wedding rings should be?

Diamond Bands

If you prefer men’s wedding rings that are more stylised, we can dress them up with a few discrete diamonds. This trend for diamond studded men’s rings is growing in popularity and we can craft whatever you like to suit your personal taste and individual style. Come tell us what you want, we’ll create it for you.

Mokume Gane Rings

“Mokume Gane” is an ancient Japanese word meaning “wood grain metal”. It was originally developed in the late 1600s to decorate swords. Now the jewellers at MDTdesign use this ancient technique to create stunning patterns embedded into the metal of the ring that mean no two are ever alike. If you are looking for men’s wedding bands with something truly distinctive that will help you stand out from the crowd, ask to see our Mokume Gane rings today.

Consult with Melbourne’s finest designers of men’s wedding rings

To find out more about any of our men’s rings, call MDTdesign today on (03) 9654 6805, visit our Melbourne CBD location, or contact us online to book an appointment with a ring designer.

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