Diamond Colour

Although diamonds cover a wide selection of colours including pink, champagne, blue, green and intense yellow, most commonly they range from a faint yellow or brownish tint to the extremely valuable colorless diamonds, D grade. A colorless diamond is graded ‘D’ and is fairly rare. MDTdesign carry ‘D’ colour through to ‘G’ colour diamonds and these stones are considered ‘very fine white’.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Colour Grading scale


Fancy colored diamonds, such as yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, or champagne diamonds, are graded on a different colour scale. The more intense the colour of the diamond, the more rare, valuable and usually more desirable a stone is.

If you would like something really unusual, MDT Design also have one of the largest ranges of coloured stones including pink diamonds, yellow diamonds and champagne diamonds Australia has to offer.

We will be more than happy to explain the importance of Diamond Colour as well as Diamond Clarity, Diamond Cut, and Diamond Carat Weight, all characteristics which determine the value and beauty of a diamond.

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