White Australian Argyle Diamonds

When people see the word Argyle, they usually think rare Pink Argyle Diamonds but did you know that the Australian Argyle Diamond mine does produce some of world’s finest White Diamonds? The all Australian White Argyle Diamond is not an easy one to come by!

MDTdesign has a large stock in-store booth set into rings and loose for you to choose from. As these White Australian Diamonds and all mined in Western Australia, you can be sure they are all Conflict Free as they have been mined reasonably locally. The crystal structure of the Argyle Australia diamonds is one that stands out above all other and are mostly Laser Inscribed with Argyle on the girdle so you can be sure it is the White Australian Diamond you have been searching for.

The fact that we can now provide an all Australian Diamond, Custom Designed and Handmade jewellery piece can make your special occasion stand out above all others!

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