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Mokume Gane Rings

Individuality is a much valued characteristic of any piece of jewellery, so finding a unique piece that perfectly reflects your personality is important. At MDTdesign, we’re renowned for our gorgeous, uniquely personal designs – and when it comes to our mokume gane range, looking individual and unique comes even easier. Discover a great selection of mokume gane rings available to buy from MDTdesign, including tension set rings, diamond rings, plain round bands, and more.

What is Mokume Gane?

Loosely translating to ‘wood grained metal’ or ‘wood eye metal’, mokume gane is a metalworking process from Japan in which a mixed metal laminate is produced, creating a strikingly distinctive pattern. The process involves creating an alloy comprised of layers of precious metals of different colours. This alloy is manipulated in such a way that it forms unique wood grain-like patterns, often due to the presence of yellow and white gold in the alloy.

Find a piece that speaks to you today. Browse our complete selection of mokume gane rings online or contact us to make an appointment to view our range in person.

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