The Rare White Argyle Diamond – Australia’s very own diamond!

Not many people are aware that Australia is home to some of the rarest and beautiful white and coloured diamonds in the world! Where possibly, MDTdesign choose to use an Australian Argyle diamond over any other!

Generally when people see or hear the word ‘Argyle’, they think of Australia’s very rare Pink Argyle Diamonds. Did you know that the Australian Argyle Diamond mine does also produce some of world’s finest White Diamonds? The all Australian White Argyle Diamond is very uncommon but we at MDTdesign pride ourselves on not only being an Australian owned and operated company, but support Australia by being able to offer our clients a white Argyle diamond jewellery product. Not only do we meticulously hand make every engagement ring or jewellery piece onsite but by also choosing to use white Australian Argyle diamonds where possible, we make your occasion stand for something more.

MDTdesign over the many years has built a large inventory of white Australian Argyle diamond stock in-store for our clients to view, compare and choose from to be made up into whichever jewellery design they choose. We do have many jewellery pieces also already made up featuring the Australian Argyle Diamond rarities. As these White Australian Diamonds are all mined in the Western Australia Kimberly region, you can be confident they are all 100% Conflict Free as they have been mined on home soil abiding by Australian standard working conditions as well as all adhering to the Kimberly process.

The crystal structure of the Australian Argyle diamonds is one that stands out above all other and are mostly Laser Inscribed with Argyle on the girdle so you can be sure it is the White Australian Argyle Diamond you have been searching for!

We are proud we can now provide 100% Australian jewellery by using Australian Argyle Diamonds in an Australian Custom Designed and Handmade jewellery piece. Our 100% Australian handmade jewellery can make your special occasion stand out above all others!

Enquire now about the availability of White Australian Argyle Diamonds and jewellery. Stock is extremely limited.