Best Engagement Rings Melbourne

24 Jun, 2020, 2:45 AM

Best Engagement rings Melbourne

MDTdesign is renowned in Australia for not only our stunning range of Melbourne engagement rings, but by choosing to only handmake all of our diamond engagement rings in-store in our Collins Street jewellery workshop located behind our boutique. A process in which allows us to take full control of handmaking your engagement ring.

MDTdesign was established in 1981 and we have been perfecting the art of handmaking out engagement rings from start to finish without the use of computers or a CAD design program as this is simply a step in the mass production process.

Many Melbourne jewellery stores mass produce their rings to reduce costs but what a lot of people do not realise is that this is compromising the quality of their engagement ring. When we handmake an engagement ring, our jewellers heavily work the metal by hammering, filing and beating the metal all with the objective to compress and strengthen the gold or platinum being used. A handcrafted engagement ring, or mass-produced engagement ring, is simply poured molten gold or platinum into plaster molds to create the shape, then simply set the diamonds and polish the ring, a process in which an apprentice could spend an hour on.

Although we have a large collection of diamond engagement rings in jewellery boutique that can be tried on and viewed at any time, this gives us a good basis to work with and get an idea of your style and what ring you are liking. We want to make this ring uniquely yours by making any alterations to the design so suit exactly what you are wanting. We can change any elements like the colour of 18ct gold being used, using platinum instead of gold, making a diamond ring setting higher or lower, changing the profile of the band from half round to flat, adding a matt finish or even something as simple as hand selecting the diamond in your special piece.

Our qualified jewellers meticulously handwork every one of our made in Melbourne engagement rings to produce you a ring that can be enjoyed for a lifetime and worn with confidence.

Whether it be a stunning unique engagement ring chosen out of our vast collection of jewellery, or something we have personally custom designed and handmade for you, you can be guaranteed to be in love with your MDTdesign made in Melbourne engagement ring.


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