Pink Argyle Diamonds

The brilliance and shimmer of the pink argyle diamond makes it one of the most in-demand diamonds in Australia and across the world for everything from statement jewellery pieces through to wedding rings. Whether you’re looking for a loose stone or one that has been set into a stunning piece of jewellery, such as a pink argyle diamond ring, MDTdesign offers a terrific range of argyle diamonds to choose from. We also allow you to compare loose stones, making it easier for you to evaluate and compare the colour and tones of each stone. As the Argyle diamond mine has closed, these stones are becoming increasingly rare and as time goes on, we have seen prices in these Australian diamonds rise.

Argyle Diamonds Colour Grading Scale

As with all white diamonds, pink argyle diamonds have their own colour grading scale. In addition to being graded on their colour, the scale is taken one step further and grades pink diamonds on their hue as well. This scale ranges from 1 to 9 and refers to the intensity of colour as displayed by the argyle diamond. 1 indicates colour of the highest intensity, typically chosen for pink argyle diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, while 9 suggests the lightest shade of pink. Be sure to understand that this scale purely refers to the intensity of the colour in a pink diamond and does not refer to its actual colour, as tones do vary. The more intense the colour of the stone, the rarer and more desirable it is.

Intensity of an Argyle Pink Diamond

When you are looking for a pink argyle diamond ring or a pink diamond wedding band, be sure to understand that the following numbers correspond to the following colour gradings:

  • Very intense Pink(1)
  • Intense Pink (2)
  • Strong Pink (3)
  • Medium Pink (4)
  • Medium Light Pink (5)
  • Light Pink (6)
  • Very Light Pink (7)
  • Blush of Pink (8)
  • Light Blush of Pink (9)

Hue of a Pink Diamond

The second grading scale for argyle diamonds refers only to the actual colour of the stone, known as the hue. While a pink diamond is obviously pink in colour, that colour can vary from a slight hint of purple to a hint of champagne. This grading scale can have a large impact on price, as the rarity and desirability of each does change considerably. Typically, pink argyle diamond engagement rings and wedding rings with diamonds that are purplish pink or pink are more desirable.

Pink diamond hues in order of rarity:

  • PP: Purplish Pink
  • P : Pink
  • PR: Pink Rose
  • PC: Pink Champagne

Like white diamonds, pink diamonds are also graded according to diamond clarity. We have found with pink diamonds that clarity grades display differently to white diamonds, as there is a pink backing to the inclusion rather than a white.

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Larger pink argyle diamonds typically come with an Argyle Certificate, while smaller stones have argyle lot numbers. If you’re looking for a pink diamond wedding band or a pink argyle diamond ring, browse the range Pink Diamond Rings category and keep in mind, this is only a small collection of what is available in store.