Certified Diamonds

Certified Diamonds in Australia

Diamonds – The 4C’s

Though we work with all precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds are our specialty at MDTdesign. Just as they are around the world, in Australia diamonds are judged by four distinct factors known as the 4C’s – Diamond Carat Weight, Diamond Colour, Diamond Clarity and Diamond Cut. These points of classification help to determine the value of a particular diamond and therefore the value of a particular piece of jewellery.

Proud Members of the Diamond Guild of Australia (DGA)

MDTdesign is a member of the Diamond Guild of Australia (DGA), an association which has a reputation for promoting integrity and the ethical trade of certified diamonds Australia-wide, both within the industry and in the public domain. DGA members are recognised for only buying certified diamonds that are Conflict Free from a guaranteed source. The term “Conflict Diamonds” is used to describe rough cut diamonds that are mined or stolen to finance armed rebellion against legitimate internationally recognised governments.

DGA members are also governed by a strict schedule of constraints in order to avoid the use of misleading terms in regard to the promotion or sale of diamonds.

Australian Argyle Pink and Argyle White Diamonds

We are stockists of both Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds and Argyle White Diamonds. All are mined in Western Australian and are therefore guaranteed Conflict Free – as all our other diamonds are. If you’re looking for certified diamonds in Melbourne, an all-Australian handmade jewellery piece makes for a great option.

Learn More About Our Certified Diamonds

If you’d like more information about certified diamonds in Australia, browse the range available at MDTdesign. Alternatively, you can contact us online or call us on (03) 9654 6805.


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